1. stevie says:

    well what a difference the years have made your art along with yourself has matured nicely together in the video you seemed a bit emotionaly still suffering or i could be wrong as it could be your nervous with being on tv but to me this Mia is not the Mia of today and your art is also the same it has moved on you have both become stronger keep on the path you have put in front of you especially on the days of doubt when the canvas looks blank in your mind it would be good to see one day your past and your future all in one picture like positive and negative or the yin and yang of your life the crossroads between then and now Stevie


  2. miamakila79 says:

    yes I was deeply depressed and still in one of my two traumas at the time… it was a horrible time, personally but a wonderful time in my career…so intense.. in both the good and the bad…

    I have always been strong but also easy to manipulate because I have a trusting heart, but I have learned from my mistakes… I take better care of my heart now… I would never allow people to treat me that way today.. ever.. it was horrible,,, as soon as I started to be successful and happy, I was being punished and terrorized by someone close to me… it was a nightmare…

    i am very happy and proud to be who I am today – but I wouldn’t be this person without my experiences… even though i’m not grateful for the traumas of course, I am grateful for surviving them and for making the best of it, to grow as a person instead of becoming even more submissive and victimized…


  3. stevie says:

    good I’m happy to hear you say how you feel today about yourself when you went to stockholm to see your babies on paper rather than on the computer screen where they old pics or new I’m in the mood for some art Stevie

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