Liberation of the soul

It’s been a strange month. It is like I have been creating a new life for myself in my new apartment, and at the same time, fate is rearranging the rest of the pieces to fit my new life. It’s all slowly coming together now. I’m putting my past to rest. Dealing with the last demons, trying to make friends with them before I bury them for good. I am always trying to understand things, make research and dissect whatever is bothering me, before I let it go. When it makes sense to me, it won’t haunt me anymore.

tumblr_n8duz4nAIw1r3h6rqo1_500Letting go of destructive patterns, relationships and thoughts is very difficult. Change can only happen if you are willing to let go of what you know and surrender yourself to the unknown. We hold on to these bad things because they are familiar to us, it is what we know, and somehow we tell ourselves that it’s working, that we gain something by holding on to it. We only repeat destructive behavior or stay in toxic relationships because we think we somehow need it, that it serves a purpose. When we are ready to see that we are unhappy because of it, then we can finally look for a way out – and then how to let go.

I try to liberate my soul. To make it breathe without inhaling fear or a sense of being in the wrong place or feeling uncomfortable with decisions that I’ve made (or not made). It is all up to me to set it free. There is no religion, no other person, there is no shortcut that will help me do what I have to do – Only I have the power to change so I can be happy and free inside.

A friend of mine died yesterday and I found out about it this morning. It made me think about what really matters to me, and what I have in my life. I am gonna hold on to that and get rid of everything else, things that doesn’t matter, relationships that makes me unhappy and drained, superficial problems and old ideals that feels – old and all used up.

It’s time to let go of the bad. And it’s time to focus on celebrating the good.

6 thoughts on “Liberation of the soul

  1. Todd from Kentucky says:

    “And it’s time to focus on celebrating the good.” Well, then you need to start celebrating yourself . . . celebrate Mia.

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  2. miamakila79 says:

    that’s really sweet Todd, thank you! And yes. Now it’s time to celebrate everything I am and everything I know I can be. I am having this very emotional time right now… crying… ❤


  3. stevie says:

    the crying is the beginning of the end your tears are the words your heart wanted too say to your soul……….your doing perfect……… it is time to celebrate Mia I’m sorry to hear about your friend …….death is hard to accept ………even more when its parts of yourself ………it makes you cry…. thinking about you at this time Stevie


  4. miamakila79 says:

    yes… right now I am letting go of things I NEVER thought I could leave behind, only a year ago it felt impossible… but I’m doing it and I am doing great… but it’s SO emotional… I cry a lot, I am sick and tired of crying, even the good tears. when does a new life stop being overwhelming?

    I feel like I am cleaning my soul from all the dirt people have put in there, their sickness and their need for control and power, fuck them!!!!!! I am getting rid of their hate and their resentment.

    And now, when I feel cleaner… I can see beauty, strength and love underneath and it’s so magical and a bit overwhelming too… ❤


  5. stevie says:

    i really smiled a lot when you said the words i so wanted you too say YES FUCK THEM i think on my own deathbed i will remember people who i was so happy to meet for there beauty and strength and you will be top of the list Mia…. thank you for that you made my day Stevie

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  6. miamakila79 says:

    wow, that was incredibly kind of you to say, I would be honored to be on your list Stevie, thank you!!

    I am so happy I get the chance to meet generous people like you through this blog. You have been an amazing support with your comments.


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