“Nurture your nature”

My health is still not stable, but I feel stronger than ever. It’s a magical time of self discovery and letting go of shame and fear. I can’t believe how many suffocating layers of self loathing and fear that used to cover my true nature. I’ve come to realize how difficult it is to stay true to one’s true nature – how difficult it is to hold on to it throughout life, especially socially and in society in general. At some point, you are forced to conform, adjust and change that nature in order to ‘fit in’ and to be accepted by other people and society. If you don’t – you will be an outcast, a misfit, a freak – and your true nature will become something foreign and threatening – and shamed. Both to yourself and to others. It is very hard to hold on to any self- pride and self- respect regarding a nature that doesn’t seem to fit the norm.

But I am reclaiming that pride now. And with that comes a new self respect. I’ve made a lot of research about the sense of self and identity and came across this statement: “nurture your nature” – to examine it and to understand it in order to make the best of it. To remove the shame and to work with your true nature, not against it. And to celebrate it.

That will set us free. Truly free.

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