How my love for movies has influenced my art

Instagram photo from 2013

Instagram photo from 2013

I love film. I love TV-series. Perhaps even more than I love art – or maybe art is such a natural part of me that I can’t measure the passion in a fair way. But I would say that movies is my biggest passion in life. I usually watch at least 2 movies every day and binge watch TV series as well. I never watch regular TV. My favorite movie directors – Bergman, Lynch, Hitchcock, Allen, Gilliam, Von Trier, Burton, Fincher, Nichols, Cukor and Polanski have all inspired my work in some way or another.

MULHOLLAND DRIVE by David Lynch [2001]


“The Crash” by Mia Makila, 2012 [digital]

THE PIANO by Jane Campion [1993]


“That Little Girl In ‘The Piano’ Movie Just Wet Herself In Between Takes In 1993” by Mia Makila, 2008 [acrylics on cardboard]

Narnia [2005]


“Lucy Pevensie” by Mia Makila, 2012 [digital] inspired by the main character from the 2005 fantasy movie “Narnia”

WILD AT HEART by David Lynch [1990]


Wild at Heart

“Wild at Heart” by Mia Makila, 2012 [digital]

FANNY AND ALEXANDER by Ingmar Bergman [1982]

THE BIRDS by Alfred Hitchcock [1963]

Old black and white movies

And my favorite movies of all time? Well, it has to be “12 Monkeys” by Terry Gilliam, “Fanny and Alexander” by Ingmar Bergman,”The Game” by David Fincher, “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolf?” by Mike Nichols and “Melancholia” by Lars Von Trier.

3 thoughts on “How my love for movies has influenced my art

  1. Todd from Kentucky says:

    I guess our lists of favorite films certainly have something to say about who we are . . .
    Aguirre the Wrath of God . . . Werner herzog
    Taxi Driver . . . Martin Scorsese
    Deliverance . . . John Boorman
    A Clockwork Orange . . . Stanley Kubrick
    Sorcerer . . . William Friedkin


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