Falling into place

It’s a strange sensation to see my life fall into place instead of falling to pieces. I am tired of loss, tears and worries.I’m so done with all that. Last year, I made so much resistance to this new happiness and the love I’ve found. The good things scared me. It looked so unfamiliar and so fragile, like it would go away if I’d reach out and touch it. Now I know that happiness is not only momentarily, it can be lasting – if I love myself and accept whatever life brings to me, good or bad. I know I will survive anything because I’ve proved that to myself so many times already. To make resistance to happiness is to reject love – love for oneself, other people or for life itself. And it doesn’t make any sense to do that. It only happens if we believe that we don’t deserve it. But we all do. Both me and you. If we don’t deserve it, who does?

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