One step at a time


My very first day at the gallery was amazing. I really need this right now. To be part of the world outside my own studio again. I’m sure this will inspire my work as well.

But I’m worried about my new collection of paintings. The painting process is so much slower than I first expected. It’s not that easy to build a whole new life for myself, to improve my self-esteem, overcome PTSD and trauma, while starting a new serious long distance relationship – and at the same creating a new body of work to restore my art career. I have to give it more time. I understand that. But with this speed of the painting process, I won’t be able to promote a new collection of artworks in at least 1-2 years. So far, I have three paintings and maybe 15 digital pieces to show. But my goal is to produce 10-15 paintings for the next show, that I’ll probably make in my hometown or in Stockholm.

When I’ll get more used to this new routine of working in the gallery, I’m sure I’ll find a way to balance the creativity with self-discipline and fun time. I know I have to work harder than this to make it, but I have to continue to take one step at a time. Otherwise, I’m just gonna end up being overwhelmed and exhausted. And I won’t allow that to happen again. This time, things will be done in the right way, in the right order. This time, I know so much more about myself and  about my creativity than I did before. I’ll make the past failures work as a guideline for my future success.

2 thoughts on “One step at a time

  1. stevie says:

    as you say yourself one step at a time and you will get there i think your new job at the gallery will bring you on and energise your creative juices just enjoy this and go with the flow this is what you have been waiting for ………….Stevie ….keep it up and remember your brilliant


  2. miamakila79 says:

    Yes I really feel energized!! But there’s less time to blog…but…my boss wants me to run the gallery’s blog so…I’m super happy! 🙂 That’s something I really really really know how to do!


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