“Fröken Ensam” [Miss Lonely Hearts] Photo suite, 2009

One of my favorite photo projects I made with Domenique in 2009 is the one about Miss Lonely Hearts – a very lonely woman living with an inflatable man and a doll as her only family (although Domenique’s dog occasionally crashed the shoot). I wrote a script, planned everything from wigs, costumes, settings and location. At the time, I was deeply inspired by my favorite photographer Lars Tunbjörk (who captured the soul of Sweden in his photography while he was alive). Although the project is of a sad nature, it turned out pretty funny, thanks to Domenique’s outrageous spontaneity and my sense of humor. It wasn’t until a few year after the project that I understood that it was some kind of a cry for help – that I was the real Miss Lonely Hearts and that my relationship at the time was dead and I felt extremely lonely.

Here are some of the photos from the Miss Lonely Hearts photo shoot and below is a making-of video in Swedish (with my ex boyfriend Jimmy’s extremely loud voice narrating the video in a goofy way, I wasn’t as good at making videos then as I am now, sorry about that). I made the photographs ugly and everything in the story was supposed to be ugly to highlight the uncomfortable nature of loneliness.

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