The perfect setting for self-discipline


It’s my favorite kind of mornings. Grey skies. Rain. A soft feeling of love and anticipation inside. Tomorrow I’m gonna move my studio into the living room and make the old studio into a bedroom, without a TV set, computers or any other distractions. I do this to practice self-discipline. I can’t be too comfortable if I want to create a new set of paintings. I’ve packed away my DVD collection. I never watch TV, only streaming or playing DVDs. I try to find more time to meditate and to read books. The thought that every little decision is a choice between comfort or growth is the best guideline for self-discipline. I want to grow, to make something important of my life. I have a mission to accomplish. A dream to catch. Then I have to be somewhat uncomfortable to be able to get things done. I’ve wasted way too many years staying in bed, watching movies and being too comfortable to do something important. This is a new era in my life, and I have to prepare the perfect setting for the magic it holds.

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