Today is a parade of good things


What a wonderful day it is. Grey skies. Rain. Love. Sensuality. Inspiration in the eyes of friends. And I’ve started the new digital piece about the house roots.

In the afternoon I received an email from my friends at iLLUSEUM in Amsterdam who wants to include my work in their plans for future solo shows. I feel so honored and excited. My life and career are slowly starting to blend and feed off each other. I’m on the right path, I can feel it.  An artist and their work are one and the same. Life and art becomes one single world of beauty and magic. But always slightly perverted in some way. Or exposed. Never left untouched. They would never accept the pureness of pigments but instead they would try their best to tame them,  because of a rebellious desire to be part of the creation itself.

My heart is open. It’s breathing. And I’m letting the rain inside to water the roots. Today is really a parade of good things.

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