There’s a story waiting to be told

From one of the computer folders of my digital artworks

I’m feeling excited about building this new art show. This is the first phase of creating a collection of digital works and I will make a million changes in the selection and add more to it as I’m creating new ones. I will also incorporate other expressions – paintings, poetry etc. It will be an art show dedicated to my spiritual (and artistic) metamorphosis.


Digital works being born in my printer’s office at ProImages in Stockholm, 2013

As I am going through all the digital pieces on my computer (so many of them are yet to be printed for the first time) I can see a story unfolding in them. I’ve been working with PhotoShop as an artistic media since 2007 and I’ve reinvented myself many times since then – but ironically I started out making black and white pieces and now I am back to the monochrome palette again.

Early digital works:

I will try to find a way to tell this story right. To do the important and beautiful processes of spiritual awakening and the metamorphosis justice. It will be a very personal collection of works – and the story will work as closure for me to that particular chapter of my life.

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