The dog position

Just tried yoga for the first time, by watching a ‘yoga-for-beginners’ video on YouTube and crawling around on all fours on the floor in front of the smart TV. Gosh, I am so stiff, I couldn’t even do the dog position without collapsing into myself like a pile of meat. This will be a fun challenge. I am a bit horrified when I see how I’ve let my body go and become passive and tense – but I’m not gonna judge myself, I know exactly why it’s happened and it is understandable – anyone who’s been through two decades of trauma and post traumatic stress would be this tense. But I used to be a dancer in my teens, so it’s sad to see how my body has changed and transformed into a permanent ‘self-protective’ mode, all curled up in itself. It is not too late to do anything about it. And when I’ve learned how to get into a perfect dog position, my body will be able to do anything after that.

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