6 thoughts on “DIARY RECORDING NR 1 – about the violent nature of happiness

  1. stevie says:

    you had along hard tough road in your past life and you hardly did feel happiness but now you are at the begining of the end and your cup is running over with this new happiness emotion and you feel like some days your going to explode so you have to let it out little by little like a safety valve maybe your art and writing is your safety valve until you have somebody to share it with ………not long now………. but its hard wanting to just let it out but you are still finding your way i hope this helps just a little but you can’t keep it bottled up just like you could not keep staying within your past Stevie


  2. miamakila79 says:

    well i just found a good way to let it out.. through these recordings :)…. I can use the good energy in everything I do… privately or artistically…

    I don’t have many friends in this city so I feel a little lonely sometimes.. I have all my friends scattered across the Earth.. I’m so un-Swedish…I don’t belong here.. the only thing I have in common with Sweden is the melancholy.. haha


  3. stevie says:

    lonely you have loads of friends across the earth and i think of you as my little sister in sweden and as for melancholy don’t talk to me about melancholy it depresses me ha ha………. wasn’t that joke crap its the melons and collie its getting to me Stevie


  4. stevie says:

    its too hot i want to change places with pingu …… noot………noot….i can’t wait until winter comes Stevie


  5. stevie says:

    same here survival mode until the night comes and that cool fresh air………….. is it me or does the night air smell so fresh and sweet hmmmmmm its lush Stevie


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