The battlefield

So… My painting “Anus Mouth” turned into something completely different.. *work in progress*:

work in progress

Last night I went to war – with my painting. It was a mess. Hours and hours of endless routines of painting-painting-over-painting-painting-over. Whatever I tried, it just didn’t feel right. And if there’s one thing I have learnt through my long creativity blockage is that I. d.o.n.’.t. c.o.m.p.r.o.m.i.s.e.

After 24 hours of this routine of frustration and layers and layers of paint, I decided to kill it. And when I did, this thing was born instead. It is me with the observation cat from my recurring nightmare. I have such a clear vision of it – I just have to follow it without doubting it. I feel completely exhausted but so, so good. I will leave the studio now. My beautiful battlefield of destruction and magic.

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